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Plunger and cooling tunnel

Plunger and cooling tunnel

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Plunger and cooling tunnel
First: (chocolate plunger) manufactured according to international standards as follows:
The plunger is made of stainless steel 304
Stainless steel mesh belts 1.5 mm thickness
The number of belts: 2 stainless steel belts + 1 food PVC belt
The belt width is 60 cm
Chocolate pump dispatcher to pump chocolate in the inns
All pipes and fittings in the plunger are double jacketed
Double jacket, you need to collect the chocolate and pump it by the pump to the inflorescences
All motors in the submersible are Italian-made
Italian-made water pump, which is necessary to stir the hot water in a double jacket
Schneider Relihat
Schneider Contacts
Circuit Breaker Schneider
The plunger is equipped with a touch screen through which the machine can be operated and controlled
PLC required full control of the machine
The amount of chocolate that comes out of the hostel is controlled
Second: (cooling tunnel) manufactured according to international standards as follows:
Belt width 60 cm PU, length 8 meters, made of stainless steel
The tunnel is completely insulated
5 hp cooling unit
Slots for distributing the cooled air inside
Derville is a leader and submissive
Signs to walk
The tunnel motor is Italian-made
** The entire line is subject to the highest degree of protection and special protection to protect people and the electrical and mechanical tasks attached to the machine:
A - The control circuits are designed in such a way that in the event of a power outage and its return only in the event of a restart
   B - The electrical panel is provided with circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuit in the event of a shortage
  C- The electrical panel is provided with an overload against overloads to protect the motors in the machine.
 D - The board is equipped with protection units against overvoltage and undervoltage.
 E - The board is equipped with a circuit control unit in the event of the absence of one of the electrical panels feeding points.
F - The panel is provided with a unit that protects the engine and the machine in the event of a reflection of one of the facets.

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